About us

The Zimbabwe Charter is a social movement in pursuit of a just society but also, it is a formal statement which defines the Zimbabwe Problem and its remedies. In its draft form, the Zimbabwe problem is defined as greed for power and wealth. The remedies for this simple but not so simple problem is redistribution of unjust wealth and restitution of victims of excessive power.

The impetus behind this initiative is the sad realisation that the ZANU PF government, Opposition Parties, civic or religious organisation have failed to articulate the Zimbabwe problem, to come up with a viable ideology, devise a plan or strategy that could realistically birth a New Zimbabwe.

The opposition, civic groups, journalists and other social commentators have reduced the Zimbabwean problem to corruption, government impunity to loot, and abuse of the most basic human rights of the long suffering Zimbabweans etc. The proposed Zimbabwe Charter asserts that this ahistorical perspective is a mere reflection of the symptoms of greed for power and wealth but this will become clear as one familiarises with the twenty item draft Charter.

Some will argue that without an appropriate political institution, the 20 item draft Charter will remain a mere wish list. However, this is a deliberate approach which privileges pragmatism over ideology, because the political systems or “isms” which historically and currently occupy the Zimbabwe political space, are what put Zimbabwe in its present day destitute state.

As a coordinator of this project, I do not have the capacity to predefine the required politics, but my hope is that the charter will form or coalesce the required new politics if needs be. 

The Zimbabwe Charter draft is and will remain meaningless unless if constructed by all Zimbabweans. Therefore, I urge Zimbabweans who have read to this point, to register on this website and make contributions to the draft charter i.e contribute new charter items, edit the draft items or ratify the draft charter in its current form. For those who do not have access to the web portal, contributions can be made via whatsapp.

This is an attempt to make sure that Zimbabweans support political leaders on the basis of ideas rather than charisma and empty rhetoric e.g. “Gutsa ruzhinji” while committing genocide in Matabeleland, “Zimbabwe is open for business” whilst imprisoning and murdering innocent members of the opposition. The opposition is also in on the game, “Faka Pressure” “God is in it” etc. At this potentially watershed moment in the history of Zimbabwe, voters have to demand substance, a core idea that will outlive our generation. 

Once a significant number of Zimbabweans have contributed, we can then take the Zimbabwe Charter to the politics of the nation. It is my honest belief that the Charter will bring forth a second political independence and its supporters will become the Zimbabwe Second Independence Movement.